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Everything You Need to Succeed Online



free website analysis

  • Free 5 page analysis of your website
  • Review of your search engine rankings for major keywords
  • Our social media team will review branding and online presence



  • Our graphics team will create a professional design specific to your industry
  • Your dedicated manager will work closely with you to determine colors and layout
  • Our Marketing team will ensure proper density of images, & text for the search engines



  • All images and text will be search engine ready
  • All title tags, descriptions and keywords will be established
  • Your website will be optimized for the search engines

Websites That Get Results:

 Our web development and graphics team work together to provide a stunning design for your new website

  Our SEO and marketing team now optimize your website to ensure strong rankings for your keywords in your desired geographic area.

  As a marketing company, you have the advantage of a professional website development team that goes well beyond a professional design.

Targeting Your Local Market

Our SEO and marketing team will work closely with you to understand the exact geographic area that you want to rank highly for in the search engines. Once our website development team has completed the design, and development, our SEO and Internet marketing team perform the following:

• Create links in social media that target your local area

• Optimize each page of your website for your major keywords and connect them to your geographic area

• Optimize the images on your website with both your keywords and targeted geographic area

By performing the above SEO strategies, our team will obtain strong rankings (usually page 1) for your major keywords in your desired location. If you are a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, our SEO team will work to obtain page 1 in the Philadelphia market for "personal injury lawyer". Our experts within SEO are consistently obtaining better than 90% of our client's keywords for specific geographic areas on page 1 of Google. This has significantly increased overall revenue and allows for consistent growth year after year. Some clients desire page 1 rankings nationally. Our Search Engine Optimization experts still have to begin their strategies within your local arena. Once we obtain page 1 in your local, and surrounding areas, we are able to move into a larger geographic area including nationally.


About Us

J&M Marketing Consultants was founded in 2006. Prior to that point, the partners had worked in marketing for a combined 23 years. It has always been our goal to ensure that our clients business progresses when under our watch.