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ABOUT J&M Marketing Consultants

The partners within our business have over 30 years of experience within the marketing industry. We made many decisions along the way, one of the most important was to become the absolute best at what we do while remaining transparent with our clients.


We quickly realized that by offering a hundred different services it would be very difficult to hold ourselves to such a high standard..


We knew what we were good at, and became the best. Failure for our clients is not an option. Prior to agreeing to take on any client we research the company, the competitors, and the objectives of that business. Only at that point will we decide to take on that client if we feel we can accomplish the goals our client.


While our graphics department offers the highest quality with web design, catalogs, and other print material, the primary services we offer with the highest degree of quality are:


* Website Design & Development

* Website Optimization for the search engines

* Search Engine Optimization to create page 1 rankings

* Local Search Engine Optimization for targeted rankings in your local area

* Social Media Marketing including branding, creating marketing funnels and establishing links to your website

* Pay Per Click Marketing within Google as Certified Google Professionals, Facebook, and Bing


Our results are proven over and over again with each client we have. We believe in transparency with each client with the work we perform, this includes monthly

reports where you can review the videos created, images, and every post we create on a monthly basis. This can all be viewed any time within our file share system that is password protected for your protection.


One of our greatest tools is the free analysis that we offer. Many may look at this as a selling prop. Instead the report gives you a complete understanding of any website optimization issues, the strength of your social media presence, and your rankings within the search engines.


With this information, regardless if you utilize our firm or not, you will know exactly what you need to obtain a strong Online presence and page 1 rankings within the search engines.


We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to visit our contact us page or call us directly at 717-859-1089.



About Us

J&M Marketing Consultants was founded in 2006. Prior to that point, the partners had worked in marketing for a combined 23 years. It has always been our goal to ensure that our clients business progresses when under our watch.