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Geo Marketing Intelligence
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Website Development

J&M Marketing offers website development nationally with our headquarters being in Lancaster, PA. As a marketing firm, our experts look at several crucial factors when creating your website, including:

  * Professional Design

  * Search Engine Ready

  * Set up for Social Media

  * Mobile Friendly

Our professional consultants are happy to offer a free consultation, and online analysis, that will show the strength of your search engine rankings and online presence.

    Website Development

    Our graphic team will consult with you prior to creating a web design that is professional, and easy to navigate for your prospects, and customers. 

    Since both the search engines, and your visitors, want to see various images, we will ask for any images that you have that show either your products, or services.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Over 80% of the so called web design companies simply do not know how to optimize your website for the search engines. A professional design is important, if your prospects are finding it.

    Our search engine experts play a large part with every website our firm creates. There are many factors that are crucial to ensure proper search engine rankings, here are just a few that our team focuses on when building your website:

         * Meta Tags - Including keywords
         * Image titles and descriptions
         * Schema Code
         * Social Media Backlinks

    Social Media Marketing

    Website Development has to include many marketing strategies to ensure that your prospects are finding your website. Prior to going live with your website, our social media marketing team creates various links from social media to your website. 

    This strategy shows Google and the other search engines that you have links coming in from popular, high authority websites. We include this in our website development to ensure a push in the search engines with your major keywords (products/services).

    Targeting Your Local Market

    While the Yellow Pages are no longer effective, there is a way to target your local market, or a specific geographic area. Our firm has become a leader in the industry with a process we called Geo Marketing Intelligence. 

    This strategy allows our experts to target your main keywords (products or services) and combine them with your specific geographic area.

    When a prospect in any of the geographic areas we targeted are looking for your products or services, you will be on page 1 of Google and the other search engines in those geographic areas. 

    Geo Marketing Intelligence

    For over 11 years our experts have perfected our own Geo Marketing Intelligence marketing. 

    Simply put, our strategeis utilize all the local platforms offered within Google, Social Media, and Video Marketing.

    This gives your business the upper hand along with tremendous exposure in both the search engines, and social media.View our short video to see for yourself how local marketing can grow your business.
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    Local Marketing Success!!!

    This 2 minute video will allow you to see our marekting stratgies in motion.

    You will see why we have had the success, and more importantly how it can work for you.

    You can also view a few of the hundreds of positive results we have obtained for our clients.

    Your Website Solution

    Over the past 11 years, our team has formulated a proven website development process that accomplishes the goals of our clients. A professional design, a website that is search engine ready, and a website that produces results.

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    Professional Design

    Our professional graphics team will work closely with you to ensure the perfect look for your industry

    Search Engine Ready

    Our search engine experts play a large role to ensure your site is ready for the search engines

    Social Media Links

    The moment your new website is ready to go live, our social media experts create links to your website

    Targeting Your Local Market

    Our team will create links specific to the geographic area, or areas you want to target


    J&M Marketing Consultants offers website development nationally with our main headquarters being in Lancaster, PA. You will find that our firm believes in strong communication with our clients to obtain the financial results they seek.

    As a marketing firm, our end goal is to increase exposure and revenue to our clients business. While many web design companies can offer a professional design, they lack the ability and knowledge in building a website that has all the main ingredients for success.