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With over 45 years’ combined experience, we create customers using insightful ideas, market research, and target marketing

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marketing services

Marketing Services

J&M Marketing has over 25 years of experience in Marketing in
Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA, York PA, and Baltimore MD.

Our firm utilizes both online and local marketing depending on the type of business and/or products you offer. Below are some of the local marketing options available to your business:

The number one reason I have authored several books on search engine optimization is to educate both those within the industry and the business owner to realize their online business potential.

This information is vital for business owners that are looking to increase the overall exposure to their website and most importantly, revenue.

By Completing the form below, you will receive vital information from my book, that will help your business to excel online. Some of the most critical points we cover are Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

marketing services Our firm offers both online and offline marketing for your business. We are all aware of the many large companies out there that offer cookie cutter approaches with their websites and their marketing— they simply don’t work.
A professional marketing firm will perform the research about your business, your competitors, and your demographic customer prior to implementing a strategic marketing plan that is specific to your business.

While we have taken on jobs around the country, our expert staff has the alliances and connections within those areas to allow for successful marketing campaigns.

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No Obligation Online Assessment

The most important part of your website and/or marketing online is understanding your current effectiveness. By placing a check mark in the form above, our team will conduct a complete analysis, which will help to identify your online strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will include:

  • A complete report showing your rankings in the search engines for your keywords (products and/or services) in the geographic areas you target
  • A complete report showing the competition for your keywords on page one of Google
  • Social media analysis
  • A report showing if your existing website is properly optimized for the search engines

This no obligation assessment is part of my most recent book and offers a strong evaluation of your business online. As well, this assessment will detail specific strategies that will increase exposure to your website and revenue