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Now we implement a marketing plan
to obtain page 1 of Google for your
keywords in your Geographic areas

Targeting Your Local Market

Local marketing allows you the business owner to control page 1 of Google and hundreds of other search engines with your major keywords in specific geographic areas. 

While the Yellow Pages at one time allowed business owners to target their local area, those times are gone. This strategy is actually much stronger than the Yellow Pages ever were. 

You are able to control page 1 as well as social media with a very specific strategy we utilize called Geo Marketing Intelligence. 

The three slides below will break down just how strong this process is, and how it can strongly benefit your company.

Target Your Local Market

Targeting your local or a specific geographic area is the strongest marketing strategy online. Our experts will work with you to determine the keywords you want on page 1 & which specific geographic areas you desire.

Video & Image Marketing

Local search engine optimization involves diversity. Our team creates videos, images, & text links each month. Now we use our advanced linking strategy in 10 - 20 social media & video platforms.

The Results are Amazing!!

Results that produce revenue for our clients is always our first priority. We are not just looking for page 1 for your website. Our short video below will show you how our clients own 50% of page 1 of Google for their major keywords

Is Local Marketing Geared Towards 1 Area?

Many of our clients want to know if they are able to target several geographic areas. The short answer is yes. Within our initial consultation, it is vital that we understand both your short term, and long term plan.

If the end goal is to dominate many geographic areas in both the search engines, and social media, we need to know this up front.

With this knowledge, our marketing will have a specific direction of controlling those geographic areas. 
Geo Marketing Intelligence
For over 11 years our experts have perfected our own Geo Marketing Intelligence marketing. 

Simply put, our strategeis utilize all the local platforms offered within Google, Social Media, and Video Marketing.

This gives your business the upper hand along with tremendous exposure in both the search engines, and social media.

View our short video to see for yourself how local marketing can grow your business.
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Local Marketing Proof!!!
This 2 minute video will allow you to see our marekting stratgies in motion.

You will see why we have had the success, and more importantly how it can work for you.

You can also view a few of the hundreds of positive results we have obtained for our clients.


  • We have been using J&M Marketing Consultants for several years. Their team helped my business to target five different counties within 100 miles that I am now ranking on page 1 of Google. I highly recommend them to anyone that is serious about growing their business.
    Levi - Cupola Creations