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Being Part of The Solution, Not The Problem

18 months ago I received a phone call from a local business that was in trouble. Their income was mostly derived from one person who had a website and marketed their products online. When the owner of the company realized that the numbers given to him by this dealer were not adding up, he knew what he had to do.

While tens of thousands of dollars were now gone, the bigger problem was that the he now had no means to market his products. The website was owned by the dealer along with all the marketing. When I received the call, I knew I had to handle this personally. I went to visit the business owner, who asked me if I thought we could replace $200,000 of yearly income over the next six months.

While I felt that was a stretch, and made that clear to the owner, my team went to work. Once we had the website built, we started our search engine optimization along with a social media marketing campaign. Within two months we had the website dominating the local area for his products, it wasn't enough. Now we dug into social media as well as extending our search engine optimization to a larger geographic area which included 4 surrounding counties.

Within 9 months, we had his website ranking on page 1 of Google, and other search engines with over 75 keywords that were related to his products. He now dominated the search engines in his local area, as well as 5 surrounding counties, we did it.

Not only did we replace his income, we far exceeded the income being brought in by his dealer. In this situation, while replacing that income was very important to our client, he never wanted to subject his business to possible loss again. He wanted to ensure that his business, and the decisions for his business, always remained in his hands.

Many of our clients simply want to dominate their local and surrounding area, this client wanted to go National. In a little over a year, we had our client on page one for his major kewords and orders are coming in daily. With each and every client, it is our job to understand the goals of that client. What products or services do they offer? What geographic area do they want to cover? How much business are they looking to add to their existing revenue? Are you looking for slow consistent growth, or a quick injection of customers to your business?

Every question we ask our clients, helps my team to understand the type of marketing plan that is best suited for you and your business. There are enough cookie cutter approaches out there that are not accomplishing the actual goals of their clients. Every client, and every business we take on, becomes in large part, our business. We have been entrusted to accomplish specific financial goals that will allow that business to thrive for years to come. We take that responsibility very seriously. This is why we start with a no obligation analysis that covers every aspect of online marketing:

* We perform complete search engine rankings for all your main keywords with the geographic areas you want to target.
* We research all the main directories and local search engines to ensure your business is being found
* We perform complete social media analysis to understand your effectiveness within social media
* We research every aspect of your website to ensure that your website is set up correctly for the search engines

Once that research is complete, it is very easy to understand your strengths and weaknesses online. We are able to customize a plan that is suited to you, your short term, and long term financial goals.

Your business needs should not be dictated by the abilities of the firm you hire. This is about you, your business, and the exact strategies that will accomplish your financial goals.


We are happy to offer a complete website and online evaluation that is very extensive and so invaluable in understanding how your company can maintain strong growth from online sources.

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We as a marketing company are just as tired of ineffective marketing as you are. How can a company understand your needs and a specific strategy that offers consistent growth with a cookie cutter program.

This no obligation report offers a strong starting point that will identify the strengths and weaknesses within your website, the search engines, social media, and online directories.